CFA Society New York Fintech Week : The Data Driven Firm

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Fintech Week: Data-Driven Panel-CFA Society, New York

Rajesh Damarapati, Founding Partner of Digital Alpha joined the CFA Society New York’s Fintech Week as a panel speaker alongside Eric Lebovich, Senior Product Manager, Point72, Cristina Pieretti, General Manager, Content Group, Moody’s Analytics, and Philip Snow, CEO, Factset Research Systems to discuss and share insights on the impact of technology and innovation in investment management including data exchanges, data lakes, lake houses, cloud, AI, alternative data, and data science.

The panel discussed industry-leading trends such as:

  1. A shift from the traditional way of work to remote working in a post-Covid world
  2. Cloud-native data platforms and insights supply chain management
  3. Different forms of delivery and consumption of data 


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