By 2030, value drivers could enable cloud to deliver more than $3T in EBITDA.

The value of cloud transcends IT and is estimated at more than $1 trillion.





IT cost optimization

Cost optimization of application development and maintenance and IT infrastructure

Risk reduction

Improved business resilience of the organization

Core-operations digitization

Implementation of latest technological/ digitization achievements in core operations


Innovation-driven growth

Business growth from new and enhanced use cases in analytics, loT, and automation

Accelerated product development

Enhancement of operating-model agility, ease of cloud configuration, and democratized access to computational power


Access to instant on-demand elasticity in compute and storage capacity to scale across business verticals and channels


Early adoption of cloud technology

Extend cloud’s value by experimenting with new technologies like blockchain, quantum computing, augmented and virtual reality and 3D printing

Manage & Optimize

Achieve the goal of rapid application distribution by optimizing cloud implementations with automation & improved processes


Improve & explore new opportunities by developing cloud native applications using data-driven insights to make business decisions.

Empower data-driven CFOs and CROs with AWS

To increase digital dexterity and to reduce risk, optimize costs and extract value from data


Modernize disparate legacy systems for improved agility by meeting changing expectations​


Roadmap development to facilitate cloud implementation on a larger scale to optimize business outcomes, including speed, resilience and agility


Quickly innovate while modernizing applications at scale and an optimal cost

Data Platforms
& Analytics

Deepen business analytics, transaction surveillance and ease regulatory reporting by breaking down data silos

Unlock value with a cloud ready operating model

Create a fluid business landscape and accelerate the pace of change with AWS

Reduction in overall IT spend​
40 %
Improvement in SLAs while reducing unplanned downtime and risk​
0 x
Decrease in Time-to-market for new products
0 %
Increase in code deployment frequency
320 %

Reimagine future with AWS

To build, run applications and scale up cloud provisioning without worrying about servers with serverless and IaC

Serverless with Lambda and API Gateway

Eliminate operational overhead to improve time-to-market at an optimal cost with technologies that automatically scale based on customer need to build better applications without managing servers.

IaC with CloudFormation

Model, provision and manage third party resources and modules to streamline the development process by treating infrastructure as code with AWS CloudFormation and enable customers to use ‘one-click’ deployment of their whole infrastructure and make significant savings.

Data Analytics with EMR, Kinesis, Glue and Redshift

Discover, prepare, move, and integrate data from multiple sources to run big data applications and petabyte-scale data analytics faster using the latest open-source frameworks and get up to 2X faster time-to-insights with performance-optimized and open-source API-compatible versions of Spark, Hive, and Presto.


Database and Server Migrations to AWS

Manage a seamless lift and shift to move databases and servers to AWS faster for IT infrastructure and eliminate the pain points of legacy infrastructure

Faster Time-to-Market with DynamoDB and RDS

Enhance performance, availability, and reduce operational complexity of running large database systems with improved scalability

Unified Operational Insight with AWS Systems Manager

Unlock your infrastructure’s full potential with unified visibility, compliance, and automation across all environments.

Start, Run and Scale Kubernetes with Amazon EKS

Leverage built in integrations with AWS services and reduce costs with efficient compute resource provisioning and automatic Kubernetes application scaling

Secure Your Infrastructure with AWS Control Tower

Effortlessly Create and Govern a Secure, Compliant Multi-Account AWS Infrastructure with Automated Controls and Seamless Third-Party Integration.

Seamlessly Deploy and Scale Windows Workloads with Amazon EC2

Empower your windows workloads with high-performance, scalable computing and seamless integration with AWS services.

Accelerate Innovation and Unlock Value with Data and Analytics Capabilities

Unlock the true potential of your data with comprehensive suite of services and tools empowers you to collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize data at scale. 

Elevating Financial Services with AWS Innovation

Leverage AWS to unlock timely data, meet regulatory requirements, and optimize financial operations. Empower core systems for faster market entry, enhanced processes, and reduced risk in delivering innovative services.

Navigate from vision to reality with AWS

Enable decision-makers to design a cloud strategy for speed and business value



Identifying and prioritizing transformation opportunities in line with strategic objectives and key stakeholders​



Creating strategies and processes to improve cloud readiness by identifying capability gaps and cross-organizational  dependencies​



Delivering pilots in phases to demonstrate incremental business value and subsequently track its impact for organization  level adoption



Expanding pilots and business value to desired scale and ensuring that the business benefits associated with organization’s cloud investments are realized and sustained​

Case studies

Explore how companies are leveraging our solutions to overcome challenges to deliver compelling results

Customer and Competitor Intelligence from SEC Filings with AWS Data Lake

A US-based telecommunication, networking, and software services company wanted to build a corporate research platform that provides faster and more comprehensive customer and competitor insights to drive sales and strategy.

Enhance Insurance Underwriting with Custom Weather Data Products

An investment firm based out of the US invests in property catastrophe reinsurance and retrocession market. The current initiative of their analytics team involves web scraping various weather websites to better understand the impact on the loss ratio and use this information for loss reserving in the future.

Digital Transformation of Finance Business Functions using Odoo Framework on AWS

DBS Partners is an accounting firm based out of New York metro that provides CFO and business transformation services to medium and small enterprises. DBS Partners wants to offer its clients financial accounting, consolidation, and other related business functionalities.

COVID Symptoms Detector : A Revolutionary Electronic Walkthrough Health Scanner

Soter Technologies have a proven record of developing and delivering innovative solutions for environmental and social intelligence to identify and avert threats, save lives, and impact more than 1000 organizations globally.

Key differentiators

Deep domain expertise to drive innovation and business value with AWS

Explore possibilities with a strategy session