The world changes at a staggering pace & as an organization, you have to be flexible enough to mold to the day’s needs. For example, today’s situation asks for an organization to work well in the COVID era. This means that with employees working remotely & unable to access their systems, productivity can still not lag. Now to make this happen, Microsoft Azure provides a service known as Windows Virtual Desktop.

Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD is a cloud-based infrastructure that allows you to access your desktop remotely from anywhere. All you require is an internet connection on any device. WVD allows your employees to function smoothly from any location. If you wonder if or not WVD is right for your organization, we can help you with that. Just read ahead.

How to know if WVD is right for you?

For this, we suggest you do a quick self-assessment for your organization on your own. If you require any or all of the following things to function smoothly, then WVD is perfect for you.

  • The ability to add users easily & readily
  • The capability to scale efficiently on demand
  • Ability to cater to your end-users’ needs & provide a seamless experience
  • The flair for managing different deployment types across different deployment planes
  • Introduce Remote Desktop Services to your users.
  • Capability to support both persistent and non-persistent environments
  • Integrated security & management for your devices and data
  • Ability to run Windows 7 legacy applications
  • Need to meet strict compliance requirements
  • Reduce Management & Deployment costs

How can Windows Virtual Desktop help you?

With its gazillion features, Windows Virtual desktop is the perfect solution for your organization. Some of its many benefits include the following.

  • Your users get a multi-session Windows 10 experience.

With the help of WVD, you can access the fully managed, always updated, bountiful windows user experience from any end-user device platform. You can do this with the virtualized OS of your choice, including Windows 7. With WVD, you get complete access control over security and cost efficiencies. You can get a client-like experience of WVD, including Cortana, Edge, desktop search, and Microsoft Store.

  • Get enabled optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus.

With WVD, you can provide your users with the best office 365 ProPlus experience in a multi-session environment. New Container Technology not only enables fast load times but also provides a performant experience for Outlook, OneDrive, Cortana, Search, and Skype. You can create persistent and non-persistent environments, virtualize the entire desktop, and select applications only.

  • Ability to deploy and scale in minutes

WVD lets you manage users and security via a unified administrative interface in Azure Portal. You can use tools that you are familiar with like rest API and PowerShell to customize setup, deployment & UI. Besides this, you can readily scale virtual machines using depth-first or breadth-first load balancing. Benefiting from the integrated security and management of Microsoft 365 and rich partner solutions is also possible.

  • Easy Migration for your existing Windows Server (RDS) desktops and apps to Azure

You can bring existing Remote Desktops Services (RDS) and Windows Server desktop and apps to any device. Reduce costs through unified management and deployment experience for Windows Server, Windows 10, and Windows 7 desktops & apps. With WVD, you benefit from free extended security updates for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 desktops and apps.

Windows Virtual Desktop is hands-down the perfect system for your organization, especially given the present world scenario. If you wish to be moving with the time & stay ahead of the curve, Windows Virtual Desktop can help you do that. If you are wishing to adapt, we can help you out.