No matter how much we try to stay prepared, we can never be entirely sure. Take the COVID-19 crisis, for example. It took the whole world by surprise. No country has the facility to deal with the Novel Corona virus. There has never been a pandemic as complicated or as massive as this one. Due to this, the whole world came to a stop.

With its start in December of 2019, the pandemic has only claimed more & more lives in the time that passed. And the unavailability of a cure has only made things worse. Though research facilities are making efforts repeatedly to curb the spread of the virus until we have a vaccine, nothing is certain. The guidelines & new way of working has undoubtedly changed working for people in every sector.

How COVID-19 changed working?

As the COVID-19 crisis increased, all businesses globally took a hit. The lack of readiness for such a situation made everyone vulnerable. As per guidelines, offices closed & most companies opted to operate remotely. Hence, multiple things changed for business. COVID affected businesses immensely. One thing that especially became a concern was the change in working patterns.

Since the employees don’t have to go to offices anymore, how will they efficiently work without their desktop access? Besides that, sharing sensitive organizational data with remote employees increases data theft risk, making it vulnerable. Companies have been relying on several tools to tackle these problems, but a one-stop solution is needed now.

Why is WVD the solution?

Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft Azure’s perfect remote working solution for your organization’s needs with various features that allow you to share data securely. The users get a full windows 10 experience on any device. They can easily access the data, licenses & applications on their desktop via any device over a browser.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a desktop-as-a-service provided by Microsoft. It is Microsoft’s cloud computing offering that offers virtual desktops to the users. You can pay for it on a subscription basis. A few of its features include –

  • Complete Windows 10 User Experience

One of the most excellent features of Windows Virtual Desktop is that it provides a complete Windows 10 experience on your remote device. You can choose your own virtualized OS for your platform, including Windows 7, with full access to security & cost efficiencies. To enhance the client-like experience, WVD includes Cortana, Edge, Desktop Search & Microsoft Store.

WVD also delivers the best-in-class Office 365 ProPlus experience in a multi-session environment with fast load times. You can virtualize your complete desktop of select applications of your choice & create persistent or non-persistent environments. It provides you depth-first or breadth-first load balancing to scale virtual machines dynamically. WVD also allows you to use tools like Rest API & PowerShell to customize setup, deployment & UI.

  • Best in class data security

Azure provides you enterprise-level cloud identity governance that helps you manage access, secure endpoints, and identify potential threats. Now you can also isolate your Azure Virtual Machines and data from undesirable traffic and users. Azure Virtual Network allows you to connect to your on-premises data center or a single computer. Microsoft provides you with technical safeguards such as encryption to keep your data private, and operational processes about data destruction that keep it safe from snoopers.

With WVD, you can choose where your data will be and who can access it. WVD allows you to continuously monitor and analyze traffic help to reveal anomalies and threats. You can easily streamline compliance for infrastructure and applications you run via Azure.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

You get increased IT agility, flexibility & scalability with WVD with greater workload mobility. It helps automate operations & enhance performance and resource availability. With it’s premium virtualized end-user experience, you can expand your capabilities & connect to any platform with a native-like experience.

Adapting to bandwidth utilization, you can enhance protocol & increase your log-on & VHD load times with containerized user profiles. It also helps you drive better collaborations with Team enhancements.

  • Cost-effective

WVD is a cost-effective solution for your remote working as it saves your spending without compromising on quality. You only need to spend on virtual machines, storage & networking that you consume while using it. With this you get to enjoy complete Windows 10 experience and the benefit of your owned licenses to further limit spending.

You have to pay for it subscription-wise as per your per second use & billed monthly. To make it more cost-effective, you get multiple incentives & discounts on your bills.

  • Amazing Management

WVD gives you more efficient and simplified management. You get a flexible user experience via a single host pool and multiple apps. Also, you can utilize automated VM deployment and solve errors quickly with simplified and but robust troubleshooting with advanced diagnostics.

WVD provides you with efficient deployment and management options. We have discussed them in brief below:

  1. Deployment: To deploy new or update existing host pools, you can onboard using GitHub via ARM templates or Azure Marketplace.
  2. Hosting Partners: You can scale your number of customers by leveraging multitenancy with Windows Virtual Desktop.
  3. Management: There are several management options that you can use with Windows Virtual Desktop like enabling native integration post GA for management & deployment along with Azure services in the portal. You can use WVD to build complex workflows by setting & managing WVD directly with REST APIs. For repeatable deployment, Azure Integration & DSC, Powershell is your best option. You also get the choice of other partner Management solutions like Terraform.

With the current working scenario & the uncertain future ahead, remote working is the only plausible solution. Windows Virtual Desktop is the ideal solution for the purpose.